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VATSolve can help you manage the total VAT challenge without the need for new IT software and accounting expertise. Our comprehensive and secure VAT compliance and reporting service is specifically designed to meet the UAE Federal Tax Authority  legislation with built in digital record keeping and VAT rules. 

Our service is fully transparent. We not only provide you a FTA compliant VAT report, we give you the details on our calculations for every invoice. Each invoice is digitally stored, each calculation is checked and shown, each report can be traced to every supporting invoice in three clicks. We believe this is unique to the UAE.

We can support  Single or Group registered set of companies addressing all the details from a compliant VAT invoice, intercompany transactions to a real-time VAT reporting dashboard.

Automate, prepare and file your VAT returns with the peace of mind. Our team will help you prepare the filing and provide you a secure audit trail. 

Complement your existing Accounts team and systems and comply to legislation. 

FTA Compliant

Unlike other options, VATSolve is designed for the UAE regulations offering clients both the VAT know how and compliance requirements as a complete VAT and bookkeeping service.

We have designed our service to the exact UAE legislation and provides support for specific record keeping and Emirates level reporting requirements for VAT.

Our service is regularly updated to changes as they arise allowing our clients to keep up to date with new developments and changes from the FTA.

Mobile Access

As standard, we provide acess from any device so you have instant access to your full service from any device.

VAT Support

As a second step, we review your purchase transactions to ensure they comply to the FTA regulations at a line item and invoice level including documentation requirements.

VAT Engine

Our service has the UAE VAT rules built to ensure all your transactions are correctly treated for maximum recovery and compliance. We maintain these rules as standard so you can be rest assured we keep pace with future any new FTA rulings

Essential Accounting

As an option if you require supporting accounts such as balance sheet and P&L statements, we can prepare your accounts twice a year to comply to the law and manage your accounting. This is especially beneficial to clients seeking cost effective bookkeeping and cannot justify the workload for a full time accountant.


One of the major requirements from Jan 1 will be to change your sales invoicing to a compliant sales and credit Tax invoice. As an option, you can complement our VAT reporting service with a compliant VAT invoicing module to ensure you are providing your eligible customers the ability to recover their VAT.

For clients with retail operations, we also offer a full functionality Point-of-Sales system that integrates to our service.  


Intelligent Scan & Load

Our service is designed with simplicity of use at the center of our service. Whether you have an existing system or need to complement it, we can support either and simplify VAT compliance and reporting. 

  • Simply scan and load your account receivable and payable invoices or data. This is an easy process to provide us the information to start the VAT process.


  • We will check and assure they are compliant and accurate so they can be used as valid Tax invoices in the preparation of your VAT return. This check is important to the recovery for paid invoices.


  • Once we are satisfied for quality and eligibility, they will be sent to our VAT team to review your transactions


Under the Federal Tax Authority rules, businesses must review and treat every transaction accurately and record all supporting documents for future FTA audit.

To ensure your accurate filing, we take the time to review these for accuracy while managing your record keeping

  • Our accountants will review and calculate all input and output VAT calculations in accordance with the FTA regulations


  • Any open items are reviewed with you to ensure they are fully compliant and you are aware of the treatment for your transactions


  • They are checked again for quality as part of our quality control process



Our service is completely transparent; all transactions and invoices are available at any time and all actions are logged to allow you to understand what was done. This will be essential in the event of an FTA audit.

  • We support Group and company level reporting compliant to the FTA requirements allowing you to easily file your return


  • At any time, you can trace the specific transactions from the report with a few clicks and have total control. Our report will have all supporting information and audit trail archived to simplify any FTA audit


  • You can then submit a complaint submission to the FTA with confidence knowing what, how and why your transactions were treated even years from now.

Essential Accounts

The new rules will require businesses to maintain a set of biannual accounts. If you require this, we can provide an optional service to conveniently create your basic accounts supporting your VAT filing and fully comply to the FTA legislation.


  • Designed and compliant to UAE FTA VAT legislation
  • Our VAT team will maintain any changes from future FTA VAT legislation
  • Affordable and simple monthly subscription
  • Minimal impact to your business and accounting set up
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