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Ideal for companies wishing to save costs from physical storage and improve ability to find needed documents quickly.  Our secure digital archive service is especially designed to meet FTA digital record keeping requirements.

Unlike basic or free cloud storage solutions, our intelligent scanning will automatically set up the search fields so you can save time from naming and filing each invoice.

Any sales and purchase documents can be scanned and retrieved for viewing or downloaded from any browser. You can search and retrieve invoices easily without need for any specific software.

Our service is easy to use, secure and access it anywhere.

FTA Compliant

Designed to FTA legislation for digital record keeping. It will allow you to quickly access and present invoices and documents supporting your VAT filings and save you time and money.

Mobile App

Our service is mobile ready to provide instant search capability with added ability to upload scan images directly from a PDA or mobile. In addition, all information on your usage is available instantly.

Simple to Use

Simplicity is at the heart of our service, just scan from a mobile or tablet, our service takes care of everything else. No need to set up time consuming file structuring for your archives.


We deliver our services on the latest state of art and secure multi-tenanted cloud technology. Your data is secured, accessible to you and take every precaution to protect it.

Advanced functionality

More functional and accessible than basic or free storage solutions, we provide Intelligent Scanning and filing to simplify record entry & document management.

Easy to search

Functional search features to trace records instantly including VAT filing, sales, purchases, customers, suppliers specific to any VAT return so you can access the right document quickly.


Single or Bulk Load

Using our specially designed user experience, our service is easy to use and optimised for productivity. 

  • Simply load your invoice documents from our mobile app or from a web browser to start the process. After that our service will take over the complete process


  • You can upload documents individually or in batch into your account for added speed

Intelligent Scan

To eliminate any issues on where and how your documents were stored, our scanning solution will take this problem away.

  • Our platform will intelligently scan your invoices for the important data fields so they can be retrieved easily later


  • A hierarchy and filing system is automatically created so you can see which invoices and documents support a specific VAT filing

Smart Store

Your data is important and we take care to set up your storage in our mult-tenanted cloud system. 

  • We securely store your documents in our cloud based storage and accessible only by you, no one else will have access and you can download this data at anytime.


  • We provide you ample storage for 1000’s of files and they stored for 5 years to comply to Government legislation for as long as you subscribe.

Intelligent Search

​A key element will be to retrieve your data and archived files with ease especially the the event of an FTA audit, which may take place upto 5 years after your VAT return. 

  • At anytime you can search and access your documents from any browser or our mobile app for viewing and download


  • The powerful search facility can locate and identify documents from a number of search criteria making it easy to locate the right file



  • Designed to FTA requirements for digital record keeping
  • Advanced functionality to improve document retrieval compared to simple storage services
  • Affordable monthly cost and simple to budget



Software Solution

Simple to use

Mobile Application


Scanning and character recognition


Designed for UAE VAT filing indexing



Powerful search capability


Migrate to our VATSolve VAT reporting service


Budget predictability

Access documents from app or any PC

Secure cloud based storage



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