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  • FTA: Consumers should ask for invoices to prevent price manipulation

    The Federal Tax Authority(FTA) has urged all consumers in the UAE to ask for the tax invoices from retailers when purchasing products or services subject to Value Added Tax (VAT), in order to prevent attempts to manipulate the tax system. The Authority urged all taxable businesses to issue tax in

  • 20 Questions on VAT

    As SME’s and business owners formulate their goals for this financial year, the introduction of VAT has added a new dimension. To explain VAT in summary, we started with the “Change in Procedures with the introduction of VAT” blog and this article is a follow-up to add more insight to VAT impacts to

  • Cabinet Decision on VAT rules between Gold and Diamonds between Registrants in the State

    Cabinet Decision No. (25) of 2018 on the Mechanism of Applying Value Added Tax on Gold and Diamonds between Registrants in the State The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has published recently approved Cabinet Decisions on the Value Added Tax (VAT) treatment of gold and diamon

  • How can you receive refunds from the Federal Tax Authority?

    As you start to prepare and submit your VAT return to the FTA, you may be eligible for a refund subject to an accurate assessment of your VAT transactions. The UAE hosts many companies that focus on regional trade especially from FreeZones, or subject to zero rated supplies including schools and


    Registered Businesses can now check and verify if their suppliers are VAT Registered or not, through the Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration Number Look up in the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) website. This service has been lunch by the FTA to aid registered businesses in reclaiming their input VAT b

  • Why is a Platform a good idea for VAT Compliance

    What is UAE VAT? The UAE government is going full steam ahead with the implementation of a value added tax (VAT) in the country from January 1, 2018. The Federal National Council (FNC) approved the draft law and the final law is waiting for the presidential approval. With the imminent VAT impleme

  • VAT Returns Guideline Published by FTA

    To address the many questions raised by businesses on the process and format for the VAT return, The FTA have issued a detailed guide to help businesses navigate the e-Services portal. The VAT return is a binding commitment on the named person filing the turn in terms of on accuracy and completene

  • FTA Releases guide on Clarifications on the Law

    The FTA has published a user guide to allow businesses to raise clarifications directly on specific technical questions to the regulations. The guide sets out specific definitions to a clarification question, what these requirements are, the process, authorisations required and who can submit a c


    Contracts that are signed prior the implementation of Value Added Tax (VAT) on January 1 2018 that do not specify the payment for VAT are treated as exclusive of VAT if:Recipient of the goods or services is a registrant; andRecipient can recover the input tax incurred on the supply in full or part

  • Assess Your Company's Strategy to VAT Compliance

    As your business comes to terms with the introduction of VAT on January 1st, the implications of managing VAT compliance effectively may be generating a number of questions. In this blog, we’ll discuss the options your business should be considering to manage risk and cost on compliance Assess yo

  • Businesses must display prices inclusive of VAT to avoid penalties

    The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has issued guidance that all businesses subject to Value Added Tax (VAT) and Excise Tax must display prices of goods and services inclusive of tax in order to avoid administrative penalties. The Authority called on consumers and service recipients in the UAE to be

  • Important Notice: FTA Foreign Exchange Rate Policy Effective From 17th May 2018

    As an important update to the FOREX requirements in the Executive Regulations, The Central Bank of the UAE has now begun to publish daily exchange rates on its website for certain currencies against the UAE Dirham to be used for VAT purposes. The rates, which are updated Monday to Friday, are bas

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