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  • Assess Your Company's Strategy to VAT Compliance

    As your business comes to terms with the introduction of VAT on January 1st, the implications of managing VAT compliance effectively may be generating a number of questions. In this blog, we’ll discuss the options your business should be considering to manage risk and cost on compliance Assess yo

  • Central Bank issues new notice on the application of VAT

    The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates (“Central Bank”) has recently issued a notice to UAE banks and finance companies on the application of VAT to the capped fees charged in respect of loans and other services offered to individual customers. The newly issued Notice No.157/2018 (“Notice”)

  • Businesses must display prices inclusive of VAT to avoid penalties

    The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has issued guidance that all businesses subject to Value Added Tax (VAT) and Excise Tax must display prices of goods and services inclusive of tax in order to avoid administrative penalties. The Authority called on consumers and service recipients in the UAE to be

  • Important Notice: FTA Foreign Exchange Rate Policy Effective From 17th May 2018

    As an important update to the FOREX requirements in the Executive Regulations, The Central Bank of the UAE has now begun to publish daily exchange rates on its website for certain currencies against the UAE Dirham to be used for VAT purposes. The rates, which are updated Monday to Friday, are bas

  • UAE Federal Tax Authority issues guide to Real Estate VAT

    The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has issued guidelines on Real Estate VAT. The long awaited 33-page manual FTA Real Estate Guide, published on the FTA website covers the relevant guidelines on the following topics: ·       Residential buildings ·       Charitable buildi


    Your business may be accustomed to providing your customers gifts and samples to stimulate demand and build incentives for business. Prior to the introduction of the Executive Regulations governing VAT, this policy did not attract many limitations on value of samples or gifts as long as they did n


    The Government of United Arab Emirates has started the implementation of Value added Tax (VAT), January 1st of 2018. All businesses who are VAT registered must comply with all the regulation set by the Federal Tax Authority.  VAT Registered Businesses who are dealing with importing of goods and se

  • Cabinet Decision relating to exhibitions, conferences

    Cabinet Decision No. (26) of 2018 on the Refund of Value Added Tax Paid on Services Provided in Exhibitions and Conferences This Decision relates to VAT charged on certain supplies relating to exhibitions, conferences, and related services and is effective immediately. The effect of the Decision i

  • New UAE investments rules: Proposed legislative reforms

    The UAE Cabinet has decided to (i) allow 100% foreign ownership by global investors in the UAE mainland; and (ii) grant 10 year residence visas for investors in the fields of medicine and engineering, as well as university students who have excelled in their area of study. The news was released i

  • Q&As to your First VAT Return

    As you prepare for your first VAT Return, you may have some persisting questions that may be creating a little uncertainty. From our research and discussions with clients the questions below are the most common. Our Q&As may shed further insight and help you with your first submission.Do you need

  • VAT and Freezones

    The broader definition of Free Zones and the implications of VAT on companies operating in Free Zones is not explicitly does mentioned in the legislation. However, it does cover Designated Zones which comply to a set of specific criteria to qualify. The legislation states that VAT is not due on t

  • Is VAT On All Purchases Recoverable?

    VAT is designed as a consumption tax to be borne by the final consumer therefore as a VAT registered business you are eligible to recover VAT on your purchases. However, this does not mean you are able to claim VAT on every purchase, it is deductible and recoverable if it satisfies the following c

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